Four Steps to Finding Your Perfect Life Partner

By admin On October 4, 2011 Under dating tip
All of us would like to be in a lifelong relationship full of love. But very few realize that it requires effort and introspection on our part. We expect Mister or Miss Perfect to land up in our lives all by themselves, steal our breath, send our knees knocking, and transport us into lasting bliss. We believe in soul mates: destiny would lead a perfect partner to our door and bless us with a stable, nurturing relationship.
A belief in destiny may not be enough. In a world full of break-ups and divorces, the path to a perfect life partner is littered with pitfalls.
1. Examine your concept of a ‘perfect life partner’: To find your perfect partner, or even recognise him or her, you need to know what he or she should be like. Keep in mind that your idea of ‘perfect’ would be different from that of anyone else’s because your individual likes and ?dislikes are unique.
Write down a laundry list of what you’ll look for in a perfect partner: life-goals, attitudes, philosophies, personality, career, interests, looks Pick out the attributes on which you won’t compromise. Every time you date a potential partner, mentally cross off items from this list. This need not be a hard-and-fast rule, but it can serve as a helpful guideline.
Remember that while it would be great to have a gorgeous, rich, generous and loyal spouse with every single quality you mention in your laundry list, ?real people are rarely without limitations. This is not a perfect world. Nobody is perfect, not even you.
2. Figure out why You will make an ideal life partner: A caring relationship is based on mutual understanding and support, so it is best if you can figure out beforehand what kind of qualities and assets you possess. People busy trying to find a rich, good-looking loyal and caring partner often forget to assess what they themselves are prepared to bring to a relationship. Once you’re aware of your own plus points, you would be that much more confident while dating in search of your ideal partner. You’ll also know what your limitations are, and appreciate what a spouse or partner may have to put up with if he or she commits to you.
3. Find the best way to meet your potential life partner: Online dating blind dates, or speed dating might indeed lead you to ‘the one’. But your best bet of meeting the perfect one on a date is meeting people with similar interests
This may not be as easy as it sounds, because a woman who loves knitting may not necessarily want a husband who likes to knit. You need to sort through your hobbies and preferred activities, and choose the ones that you might like to share with your spouse or partner. So go join a book club, or that art class. Of course, don’t join classes only to meet potential life-mates. Participate in the leisure activities you enjoy, and remain open to possibilities
4. Before you commit to your relationship, listen to your close friends You seek relationship and dating advice from everywhere: magazines, the internet, books on relationship issues But you often forget the best source: your friends When in the first flush of love, people often lose sight of their life aspirations and even their long-held beliefs and attitudes At such times, a friend’s objective advice can be invaluable.

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